Welcome to Azteca!

Azteca Stables is owned and managed by Donna Murphy. Donna and her husband Michael live on the premises so the horses are watched and monitored closely. She has over 25 years of professional experience and horses are her passion, her love and her life. She started riding at age 6 and has never stopped, her love for the equine continues to grow. Azteca Stables is located in central Texas Hill country, in the Canyon Lake area. We are between Austin and San Antonio. The area is beautiful with hill country vistas and Canyon Lake is nearby with awesome horse trails.

At Azteca Stables we treat horses like part of our family. Horses run in small herds with horses they get along with, and don't live in stalls. We let the horses be horses. However, stalls are available for use during inclement weather. Whether you trail ride, arena ride, or just want to “play with your horse” in the round pen , you are welcome at Azteca Stables, where we have fun with horses! We strive for happy horses in a friendly environment. A happy horse is content and wants to please!


This is a small operation so all horses are closely monitored. Each horse is monitored, and feed is adjusted according to the horse's age, amount of work, and individual needs.  Owner lives on the property, horses are cared for and treated like family.  60 ft Round pen, arena, hill country  trails, wash racks, stocks & barn with runs, along with automatic watering devices. All horses have out time, and because horses long for a herd, we want them to be safe in that herd.
We carefully monitor horses in small bands, giving them companionship and turn out. They are brought in for feeding, fed 2x per day; high quality grain and high quality hay. Donna takes in nice horses that get along and folks who want to have fun! She  can also work and train your horse for you. Her  love is trail riding and she  knows  how to take a horse to the top in Endurance Racing and loves to share her  knowledge of the sport with others.  Besides the round pen and arena, we have local wooded trails and also have hills to give your horse a complete workout!  We also have trail obstacles for your horse!
Here is a student teaching a horse to stand 
     on an obstacle and flexing to the left!
Beautiful  Canyon Lake trails are close by and swimming with your horse is quite a treat! Yes, we actually jump in the water and play w the horses.  Horses love the water and after a ride it is a perfect way to end the day!  We also have room for your tack, and space for your trailers too. Come by for a visit, (appointment only!)  Please contact me for rates, I try to be competitive, and not as expensive as many places!

Here we are having fun playing in the water at Canyon Lake! What a treat for horses and riders!
Horse and rider are smiling! Come swim with us!

Doing hill work at Azteca Stables