Welcome to Azteca!

Azteca Stables is owned and managed by Donna Murphy. Donna and her husband Michael live on the premises so the horses are watched and monitored closely. She has over 25 years of professional experience and horses are her passion, her love and her life. She started riding at age 6 and has never stopped, her love for the equine continues to grow. Azteca Stables is located in central Texas Hill country, in the Canyon Lake area. We are between Austin and San Antonio. The area is beautiful with hill country vistas and Canyon Lake is nearby with awesome horse trails.

At Azteca Stables we treat horses like part of our family. Horses run in small herds with horses they get along with, and don't live in stalls. We let the horses be horses. However, stalls are available for use during inclement weather. Whether you trail ride, arena ride, or just want to “play with your horse” in the round pen , you are welcome at Azteca Stables, where we have fun with horses! We strive for happy horses in a friendly environment. A happy horse is content and wants to please!

Products Donna Recommends

People are always asking me, how do you have the energy to do everything that you do: (work with horses all day, compete in endurance competition, work with riding students, etc).  The following supplements have changed my world. I have always taken supplements, but never has anything actually changed the way I feel! It feels great to share this with others because it works!

Body Balance by Life Force International: I no longer take vitamin pills, I recommend organic liquids:  This is why you need to supplement, and why Body Balance is the best: The organic liquid pytonutrient w 121 nutrients  gets absorbed 98% into your system and is ionic which means it has the proper electrical charge and is recognized for assimilation. Body Balance contains the electrolytes we need such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, & chloride. Body Balance is made from Aloe Vera and nine different sea algaes.  It gives me the energy I need to get through the stress of an endurance ride, and the stresses of just plain being human!  The human body is  meant to derive minerals from organic complexes. However, in our case, these complexes were meant to be supplied in the food we eat. Unfortunately, these critical, disease preventing, organic nutrients are not present when our food is grown in depleted soils. And, just like the farmer who has attempted to alter the soil with inorganic toxic chemicals and fertilizers, we have tried to add inorganic trace minerals to our diet in the form of colloidal supplements with even worse potential consequences.

It is important to reiterate that most all trace minerals are not recognized, absorbed  or utilized by living tissue  unless they are carried in organic complexes. They eventually accumulate in the body and are stored outside the cells in interstitial fluids, and fatty tissues. Over time, severe toxicity and disease may manifest. On the other hand, organic trace minerals are definitively different from inorganic minerals. They are physically small enough that they can be easily carried into the cells of our bodies. They are bound by carbon (living matter) and have innumerous health benefits, aiding in intracellular detoxification and the removal of inorganic toxins from the extra cellular spaces in our bodies. Thus, when trace minerals are combined with carbonaceous matter, they become an enriching meal of living minerals rather than a toxic plate of inert (dead) rocks.

Trace minerals are systemic catalysts. They are activators (intra-cellular “spark plugs”). They either “kick off” or “speed up” most of the chemistry that goes on in our bodies. Without trace minerals there is NO LIFE! Trace minerals are responsible for carrying most of the nutrition into our cells. Hence it has been said that we need three basic ingredients to sustain life—water, oxygen and, organic trace minerals. Not even vitamins or enzymes can function without trace minerals, and when they are lacking, numerous processes either slow down or come to a halt until the mineral banks can be replenished. Knowing this, it is easy to see why both plants and humans are becoming increasingly susceptible to disease. It is also easy to understand what Linus Pauling, (twice awarded the Nobel Prize) meant when he stated “Every ailment, every sickness and every disease can be traced back to an organic trace mineral deficiency.” It has become alarmingly evident that we are severely deficient in one of the most basic components necessary to sustain health—organic trace minerals.

Body Balance contains 121 organic vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. Your body will recognize them, assimilate them and start becoming even better! The product is guaranteed! Your health is worth whatever it costs, because health is wealth, without it we don't have a way to enjoy anything!   I suggest making a note of how you feel currently before you start, such as how tired you are at night, food cravings, how you feel when you get up in morning, etc. I used to have a mid afternoon crash, feeling like I had tired legs and needed to go sit down, (not anymore). Notice your swelling in hands & joints, pain, even headaches. Also any digestive probs before taking the supplement. (Your digestion and regularity will improve). Everyone is different, it may be months before you notice changes, but you will! I used to be in horrible pain after a 50 mile race, Not anymore, I can get up and do it again, such as in the multi day rides, this was impossible for me before!!!

Another fact that I like is that this supplement works to get your PH adjusted. Healthy PH is between neutral to slightly alkaline, unhealthy PH is acid. Acid PH is where disease harbors, in a healthy PH disease can not grow!

You can take it on an empty stomach first thing in morning, (keep in fridge after opening). This is what I have for breakfast: 2 oz  Body balance, Green Tea, and perhaps a yogurt or fruit, depending on how fast I need to run out the door. Sometimes all I have is Body Balance.  In my Body Balance drink I put 2-4 droppers full of the Flexeoplus, (the glucosomine). I started noticing the difference in my Body right away. If I am having a serious day, (like an endurance ride or a lot of stress I will do a number of doses throughout the day. You can NOT overdose on this. It will NOT make you sick to your stomach, and will only make things better. I will not go out the door, or out of town without it. I once ran out of products for a week, and all of my old pain and tiredness came back to both myself and my husband.

Flexeoplus: The liquid  glucosomine product that has taken my pain away is called FLEXEOPLUS. It also contains MSM, several vitamins for absorbtion, and Iperflavone which increase bone density. I am still pain free, pill free, and feeling like a new person. Can't wait to hear your testimonial after using the products. It is so much fun talking to people about how good they feel!
The dosage can vary. The supplement has changed my world and I hope you will notice some changes as I have.  Everyone who is taking this product has noticed changes, some of the best news is ladies who have suffered from bone loss. Their bone density tests are showing increased bone after years of having decreases!!!!

Taheebo: I started this product several years  ago, I like that it builds your immunity. It is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal liquid extracted from a tree in South America. I am interested in it for the immune boost it gives me. Taheebo can combat infection, give greater vitality, strengthen cellular structure, and help eliminate pain and inflammation.  Research shows it to be effective against candida and other annoying fungal infections.  Research also indicates that it lowers blood sugar levels, and promotes good digestion.

Analysis of the bark indicates that Taheebo contains a phytonutrient derivative, known as lapachol, which has antibiotic, antifungal, immuno-stimulant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, and supports the immune system.  Clinical studies show that Taheebo has no contra-indications, no incompatibilities and is non-toxic. It is great not to get sick anymore!

Sunbright:  I like mostly that this product stimulates the production of the human growth hormone which helps us in our aging process, (promotes celular regeneration! Other properties: stimulates cerebral activity and central nervous system function, improves memory, mental alertness, and attention, energy booster, gives immune system support, and much more, see attachment!

Sunset: Helps to promote good sleep, (I take this before bed). Helps w stress reduction, sleep disorders, depression, see attachment.

I once ran out of the supplements for a week and all my old problems re-surfaced. Ordering information:(If you are interested in the products contact Donna or Life Force at 1-800-531-4877. You will need ID  # for identification, it is 20483626). PLEASE be sure to give my ID# so I get credit for the order. These products have a money back guarantee. They work so well that I had to get involved promoting them to help others. You have nothing to loose, and your health to gain!)  Please do not hesitate to contact me w any questions.  Website: www.mylifeforce.net/murphy
health is wealth,
Donna Murphy, Life Force distributor

Gerri Hillman's Story

Gerri Hillman, who is the wife of the owner and founder of Life Force, was seriously challenged with chronic fatigue over 20 years ago. She had gone from 135 lbs to 80 lbs and the doctors had given up. Wayne, her husband, along with a scientist biologist friend, discovered the nutrient value of sea vegetables, and together they formulated a drink with the juice of the sea vegetables, aloe vera, black cherry and a touch of honey. Then to everyone's surprise and delight Gerri started to improve. Over the next three months she made a full recovery, gained her weight back and is today, 20 years later, a vibrant, healthy lady. (This is the same formula that Body Balance is today.)

Of course, Gerri and Wayne were thrilled and went back to their doctors to show them the formula and tell them what had happened. The doctors were stunned and, needless to say, started referring the tonic to their own patients to see if it would work again on others. It did, and that's how Life Force came into being. For the first 16 years the product was solely distributed through licensed health care practitioners and available only through private practices. Ultimately, there were over 6000 doctors who carried Life Force and the company grew to about 3 million a year.

Then a few years ago, some patients, who were tired of going through the doctors to get their Body Balance, went to Wayne to see if they could buy the products directly from the company. After some consideration, Wayne and a team of network marketers converted the distribution to the state of the art referral compensation plan it is today.

Life Force with its rare earth minerals and its universal effect is becoming the Coca Cola of the Health Industry and turning out to be the beverage of choice for all the baby boomers and young and old alike. Because of the brilliant compensation plan we are also becoming the flagship of network marketing. Our retention is 70% vs.10% compared to the rest of the industry, and all industries, for that matter. The company went from 3 million a year, selling to doctors, to $18 million in '99 with people telling their friends, and is just going up. Does that tell you something about the product? Why? Simply because people are tired of taking pills, it works and it tastes great, and the products are guaranteed. 

Some other testimonials:
For years, I was continually getting worse with arthritis, particularly my hands were crippling up. Couldn't use them in the morning. Would have to turn on the hot water on them, lean with my elbows on the toaster to make breakfast. I have been taking mega doses of Ibuprofen like candy. I was introduced to Body Balance two weeks ago. Within a week I had better mobility in my hands and within two weeks, my fingers have straightened out. I have been able to use my hands first thing in the morning. I'm not taking any more Ibuprofen and I feel great. Thank you.

Leann, Driggs

Chronic Fatigue, Esophageal Reflux, Arthritis
My name is Stacy Collins, and I have a phenomenal testimony I want to share with you. I'm married to a great guy and God has blessed me with 3 beautiful children. We have a strong faith in God and serving our Lord is at the top of our list. We are very active in our church, and sharing Jesus with others. We own and operate our own business, which is very demanding, but also gratifying. LIFE WAS GOOD.

I began having headaches on a regular basis and became extremely exhausted, and unable to accomplish all the things I enjoyed. In 1996, I was diagnosed with allergies, esophagus reflex, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My symptoms were extreme exhaustion staying in bed for days at a time, migraine headaches, unable to concentrate, achy joints, arthritis, tormenting dreams at night, and a craving for sweets that was never satisfied. These made me search for the help neither doctors, nor the medication they prescribed, were able to give me. I was frustrated and desperate for a solution. I tried different products family & friends suggested that did help some.

To my amazement, I became pregnant with my fourth child in Jan. 1997. My doctor immediately took me off the products. My energy went out the window again. My dreaded days in bed became reality once more.

When I was 5 months pregnant, my sweet mother introduced me to Life Force. She suggested that I wait until after my baby was born to start. I was desperate for energy, but this time I couldn't take my maternity vitamins. So I studied the ingredients and asked myself, "How can 121 nutrients, ionic trace minerals and vitamins hurt me?" I started IMMEDIATELY. Within the first three days of taking Body Balance, I had some energy again. The end of my pregnancy I had 75% of my energy restored.

After being on Body Balance for five months, I realized my energy was back to 100% I no longer had tormenting dreams at night. The allergies, esophagus reflex, arthritis, and my craving for sweets and soda are things of the past. I now crave nutritious foods and water. Also my migraines are gone and I'm able to concentrate again. I am now back to my old self, meeting all of my responsibilities (full of energy and enjoying the good life again.)

I'm not saying Life Force products have cured me, but I do believe that as long as I faithfully take the products (AND I AM), it gives me what my body needs to overcome the symptoms.

I truly believe the Lord has allowed me to find Life Force so that I can start doing what I love most in life. Telling people about Jesus, and become active in most of my church activities again. Thank you Life Force for helping me to have my life back as I remembered it! Start living life to it's fullest before it's too late, try Life Force.

Stacey Collins