Welcome to Azteca!

Azteca Stables is owned and managed by Donna Murphy. Donna and her husband Michael live on the premises so the horses are watched and monitored closely. She has over 25 years of professional experience and horses are her passion, her love and her life. She started riding at age 6 and has never stopped, her love for the equine continues to grow. Azteca Stables is located in central Texas Hill country, in the Canyon Lake area. We are between Austin and San Antonio. The area is beautiful with hill country vistas and Canyon Lake is nearby with awesome horse trails.

At Azteca Stables we treat horses like part of our family. Horses run in small herds with horses they get along with, and don't live in stalls. We let the horses be horses. However, stalls are available for use during inclement weather. Whether you trail ride, arena ride, or just want to “play with your horse” in the round pen , you are welcome at Azteca Stables, where we have fun with horses! We strive for happy horses in a friendly environment. A happy horse is content and wants to please!


Dec 2012

While researching online about the Azteca breed, I came across Azteca Stables and Donna Murphy.  I read Donna’s philosophy on training, and found that her specialties were trail/endurance riding and dressage!  That caught my attention, since I was also trying to find some help to continue my horse’s training for dressage and trail riding. After meeting Donna and talking to her, I decided she was the perfect person to guide my horse along, and so brought my lovely Cici to “vacation” with her. Her gentle, consistent approach to training, and extensive knowledge and experience, developed Cici’s skill and confidence at tackling new experiences; she blossomed under Donna’s schooling.  This timid rider also needed to regain confidence and trust after some injuries and negative experiences; Donna’s support and encouragement have been invaluable!  Donna has put me back on the path to enjoying and having fun with my horse, no small accomplishment for someone who started riding as a middle-aged adult! 
From Anne in Liberty Hill

June 6, '11

I have known Donna Murphy for quite a few years now, and have always admired her knowledge and experience with training and riding horses. Her Natural Horsemanship training works with the spirit of the horse, it is kind but with gentle discipline. The horse responds to this with attention and willingness.
Donna has also participated in many endurance rides on her Arabians around the state, often winning first place, and coming home with a healthy, happy horse. She does not believe in pushing them beyond their limits.
Donna is great in giving riding lessons, from the brand new beginner, to the more experienced riders who want to improve their horsemanship.
Her barn is large, well kept, well aired, and each animal, whether boarded or her own, is each fed according to that horses' needs.
I highly recommend Azteca Stables to anyone who wants the best care for their loved horse. I have been very happy and satisfied having my two horses there, and my donkey too!

Nancy Wooldridge

Dear Donna,
I am always thrilled when I hear of yet another endurance ride triumph---this time with Amigo, whom I met last summer when we took a ride together.  Beautiful horse, lovingly cared for and prepared for his races.

Yet I have even more admiration for your dedication, time and care in finding the ideal home several years ago for my dear Arabian, Antonio---and more recently, the perfect new owner for the lovely but difficult horse belonging to my friend and barn client.  I know you put your heart into everything horse, and it is always appreciated, by equine and human alike!

Thanks, Donna---

I wanted to thank you and tell you how pleased I am with the training you did on AAS Hakim, my 6 year old Desert Bred Arabian.  After several wonderful horses, I decided to take on a 2 year old.  The time spent with him paid off and he was started under saddle at 3and a half.  The problem I had with his head set and occasional bucking under saddle is no longer a problem and your help “boost” my confidence.  I love riding him and enjoy this horse so much.  He responded to your wonderful training techniques so quickly and I am totally happy with the results.  I hope you have many more customers that can benefit from your professional training and gentle techniques.  It is so wonderful to have someone close that I can feel confident to call on when I need help with my horses.  Hakim has become a “dream” in my life and I know we have truly become a team.  Thank you again for all of your help,  

Carol Kight, R.N.,  AERC Member M18760

From young riding student:

For 7 years, I’ve enjoyed riding with Donna and her horses. I love how she takes me and Treasure down the afternoon or morning trails during the different seasons. I feel free from the world when I’m around horses and riding in the western saddle. I love cantering down the arena fence line. I love how Donna helps me to  become a better rider and also to learn the ways of the horse. I also enjoy doing things like washing the horses, grooming, and feeding the horses. I  Dream that I’ll own a ranch when I’m older, and learning right now with Donna will help. Her horses are kind and gentle and fun to be around. Thank you Donna for making these lessons fun and amazing.